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For communication to be effective, it must be driven from a sound basis. To shape this, you can prepare a brand passport for your organisation. A clear document which sets out how the brand is to be given shape and colour. It contains the corporate story, and describes the right tone of voice for your communications.

Your identity
A brand passport describes the brand that your organisation embodies: your identity. It ensures that all activities and initiatives related to the brand are all aligned during every interaction. This is to acquire the desired target group(s) behaviour, even when third parties or people from other departments have to make decisions about the brand. With the result that the (strategic) brand objectives are achieved faster and more efficiently.

Your character
We have developed this kind of brand passport for ourselves and other clients. Because if you aren’t sure about who you are, then how are you supposed to communicate that to your customers and your target group?

Your roots
You start by looking at your roots. By doing so, you immediately make it clear to everyone around you what your most important values are and what they can expect from you. The values you stand for within your organisation, in order to avoid miscommunication. A clear character defines your identity and motivates everyone.

Your image and looks
From identity (who we think we are), to our image (how others see us) helps us arrive at who we want to be:
your brand personality! This can be underpinned by (internal) core values. Because it’s your roots that
determine these. A moral compass, which guides us to get your identity right. And from there you can
begin building. With a stylish and functional corporate identity and resources to match.

A brand passport helps you determine and maintain that identity, and achieve the desired (brand) objectives more quickly! Want to know what we can do for your brand? Get in touch and send an email to: communicatie@loyaltymakers.com

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