The art of creativity

Knowledge article by Patrick Wessels

Targeted sessions to stimulate creativity in order to achieve breakthrough ideas appear to be outdated and counterproductive. Mathijs Baas is happy to explain how it will work.

University Lecturer in Occupational and Organisational Psychology at the UVA [University of Amsterdam], Matthijs Baas explains this both convincingly and scientifically in: how to become creative? The best ideas don’t materialise quietly when you are on holiday (in your own country, of course). Just after the holidays, that’s the time to peak, when everyone has restored their energy to get back to work again. It comes from joy and enthusiasm, rather than relaxation and calm. For a brainstorm of original, useful and appropriate ideas, entirely in line with Teresa Amabile’s original scientific definition of creativity.

The best ideas come from flexibility and persistence. From involvement and a task-oriented approach. During individual brainstorms that are much more productive than in a group. Only then to come together and further develop the best ideas. So first in-the-box and within clear frameworks, for creative ideas that are original, usable and actually suitable.

Knowledge article – june 2020

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