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Why should people work with Loyalty Makers?
We’re inspiring and refreshing when it comes to loyalty solutions. Professional, but always personal. As a result, we know you and your brand or product. If we met you at the beach, we’d have a good time. People and contact are in our DNA. Some of our current clients only know us from the promotional items we supply. However… we can and do more much than that. We can advise you at a much earlier stage in the process, we can contribute to the marketing communication strategy. This allows us to focus much more effectively on your company’s objectives.

What is your role in Loyalty Makers?
I try to be the unifying factor – both inside and outside LM. I try to coach people on the job, to get the most from themselves in terms of performance. Because I am part of the group, it’s is easy for me to share my drive and passion, so that everyone can grow to become as passionate about their work as I am. We have a well-rounded team, each member has their own specialism.

What event in your (working) life has been important for you?
To keep faith in yourself and others and to always keep a positive outlook, despite setbacks from those who may have wrong intentions. That’s what makes the difference.

How has corona changed your view of entrepreneurship?
That everything is relative. That the balance between economy and health is a very tricky one. Processes are being accelerated, for example in terms of efficiency (working from home versus commuting time), which is very positive, but personal contact is and remains extremely important.

What surprises you sometimes?
That people want more and more and don’t realise what they already have.

What unsolicited advice would you like to give us?
Build beautiful memories today for the future. Especially now that we’re in a crisis, you can list all sorts of things that could be better. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. It’s your life, so make sure your life’s a party for yourself, and later you’ll be able to look back on some wonderful memories. Do you need any creative ideas to make it fun? We’d love to help you get the party started. Together, we can create experiences that last.

How would you like to further develop yourself and Loyalty Makers?
As a company, we need to ensure we have both a foundation and continuity. But DNA must always be safeguarded (now and in the future). The sooner we connect with your needs, the better we can roll them out. On a personal level, I want to continue to be inspired by the people and technologies around me. And.. last but not least, I would like to finally master my tennis backhand on the tennis court.

What can Loyalty Makers customers expect from us now and in the future?
An all-embracing amount of advice by being involved earlier in the strategic and tactical process. That creates loyalty. We would like to show our clients the full range of options we can offer.

Where do your loyalties lie?
With people, brands and initiatives that give me energy.

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