The ANWB is an organization active in the field of mobility, holidays, and leisure.

The ANWB presented the challenge of creating a concept for an activation at the holiday fair. The goal was to generate traffic to various booths (long-distance travel, car travel, domestic travel, hiking vacations, etc.). The action also needed to provide a friendly way to gather information about the travel interests of the fair’s visitors.

The concept, developed in collaboration between ANWB and Loyalty Makers, involves a stamp passport where visitors could collect stamps from various ANWB booths spread throughout the entire fair. Each booth had its own (ANWB) related stamp icon: an airplane, a car, hiking shoes, the Netherlands, a camper, a tent, and a suitcase.

After collecting all 7 stamp impressions and answering some questions on the passport, it could be submitted, and as a reward, visitors received an ice cube tray with the same shapes as the seven stamps.

The activation was a great success. Throughout the fair, visitors were actively seeking out the ANWB booths to collect the stamps. ANWB gathered a lot of valuable target audience information, increased awareness about various types of travel, and enhanced its image with the thoughtful gift.

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