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Dupont Cheese is a supplier (cheese master) of various cheeses from all over Europe to specialty cheese shops, retail, and hospitality establishments in the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

A rebranding of the logo, corporate identity, and all cheese-related materials for the cheese brand SmaaQ.

The challenge in restyling the SmaaQ logo was to maintain the color, shape, and style.

Loyalty Makers has given SmaaQ a contemporary look and implemented it in all its expressions. From window decals, a pattern for cheese paper and paper bags to promotional materials for the specialty cheese shops that carry SmaaQ.

MHS custom puzzel

A gift from MHS and Santa Claus.

Grolsch swing-top bottle earplugs

Custom earplugs for enjoying a delightful, cool tune.

VanRiet 2b fit apple slicer

A quick and healthy refreshment!