TopMondzorg has originated as an initiative for dentists, by dentists. With the motto ‘For Each Other,’ TopMondzorg, in collaboration with various oral care services, provides comprehensive oral care to diverse patient groups. The array of oral care services includes Dental Clinics, TopOrtho, Proclin, MondzorgPlus, Omnios, and MKA Group.

Dentists and dental hygienists working with Dental Clinics provide information about and encourage dental visits, promoting the act of being visited (and visiting others).

Loyalty Makers has devised a concept and created the name ‘VISITALK,’ along with a logo. This gave the act of visiting within Dental Clinics a distinct look and feel, consistently applied across all materials.

To incentivize oral care specialists to engage in visitations, we launched an activation campaign with the theme: Visitalk. As a suitable giveaway, we included the ‘conversation jar’ to initiate discussions. Additionally, we developed a step-by-step checklist that specialists could place on their desks as a reminder.

De leeuw van putten toolcard

21 functions under one roof.

ROC mini speaker

Create your own playlist and let everyone enjoy the ROC vibe.

Pontmeyer custom puzzle

The world of Pontmeyer captured in a beautiful illustration.