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The NotenBeurs is a wholesale distributor of nuts, peanuts, artisanal chocolate, and related products. They import the finest products from all corners of the world and adapt to market changes and seasons.

Developing an inspiring, contemporary, and accessible design for the monthly product brochure ‘Nut Exchange News,’ packaging, and branding of the company vans.

The product brochure provides inspiration and encourages retailers and specialty stores to place orders. In the brochure, we showcase the products with a focus on visuals, interspersed with atmospheric images. Loyalty Makers handles the monthly layout of the product brochure, including the product shoots.

Our illustrator has developed an all-over pattern. It is used for the packaging line of the premium quality products, branding on the company vans, and on the jute bags containing the nuts and dried fruits.

Grolsch swing-top bottle earplugs

Custom earplugs for enjoying a delightful, cool tune.

Pontmeyer custom puzzel

The world of Pontmeyer captured in a beautiful illustration.

VanRiet 2b fit apple slicer

A quick and healthy refreshment!