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Pass on your smile

Dental Clinics

Setting up a recruitment campaign to recruit patients for new Dental Clinics establishments.

A ‘pass on your smile’ concept was developed. A concept to recruit new customers through existing customers. Tear cards created by Loyalty Makers were displayed on a wall rack at the new establishment. Tear off the card and send a smile to a friend, family member or acquaintance. Scanning the QR code on the other card took you to the promotion page where patients could register a friend or acquaintance for the new practice. Yesty was linked to the platform, where you could then redeem a gift card.

Tear off the cards and send someone a smile.

Scan the QR code, go to the action page and register your friend or acquaintance.

After registering (and first appointment), receive an email from Yesty and redeem your €50 gift card.

Dental Clinics

Dental Clinics originated in 2007 as an initiative for dentists, by dentists. their motto is therefore ‘laughter is life’. Thanks to a personalised approach and high-quality dental care, they provide you with a radiant smile.